♦ Should have dry, clean and well trimmed nails, should take care of his personal hygiene and be present  during the massage.

♦ Should be positive, loving the people will increase the energy exchange of the therapy between bodies.

♦ Should be respectful of time by arriving on time for outcall, make everything ready for the session before client arrival at incall service.

♦ Should be responsible to listen the client’s body, also the client should be responsible to receive, to be available, to let go, to allow the body totally relaxed receiving the touch and the flowing energy.

♦ Should be a good listener and observer to communicate with the massage recipient correctly. Verbally and physically listening to the body language and its reactions is a kind of art.

♦ Be able to create relaxing healthy atmosphere such as clean towels, proper massage table and the right room temperature for the massage.

♦ Should use good quality massage oils and aromatic oils to prevent any allergic or unwanted skin problems. One of our most sensitive area is our skin.

♦ Must have all qualifications and knowledge about anatomy and muscles. How much pressure is needed by the receiver’s body? Which areas must be massaged very carefully cautiously? Which areas need more pressure and stretching? The Masseur should be calm and unrushed.

♦ No matter what type of massage you are receiving it is your responsibility to ask for the CERTIFICATE and it is the masseur’s duty to declare his documentations for confidence and professional service.

♦ Always keep in mind getting wrong or uncomfortable massage can cause incurable injuries. Never hesitate to ask your masseur about CERTIFICATION and education back ground on the human body.

Your most valuable treasure is your healthy body.