Classical Oil Massage

Classical (Swedish) Massage is performed with five main manipulations and includes many movements so, every masseur has his own techniques based on five strokes.


This contain consists of long strokes, sliding from down to up along the muscles.  The strokes must be done towards to the heart for healthy blood transportation. It is done with the whole hand or the thumb pads. Effleurage is the basic manipulation to heat muscles and reduce tension of muscles.


This consists of deep circular or transverse movements made with the thumbs or fingertips. The masseur applies deep, circular movements around joints and other bony areas such as the spinal area. Friction helps muscle and joint flexibility by breaking the knots that result when muscle fibers block together during healing processes.


This consists of softly lifting muscles backward and away from the bones, then circulating and squeezing them. Generally  it consists of kneading and compression motions, pressing the muscles to enhance deeper circulation.


This technique is shortly described short percussive movements, using the hands alternately to strike or tap the muscles for an rigorous invigorating effect. It may be performed with the edge of the hand, with the tips of the fingers, or with a closed fist. This manipulation attempts to decrease tension and cramping from muscles in spasm.

Vibration or Shaking

The therapist presses his hands on the back or limbs, and  shakes for a few seconds in a fast way. It improves circulation and increases the power of the muscles. This is especially helpful to people suffering from low-back pain.

Combined Massage Package

This massage involves combination of Classical, Aromatherapy, Deep Tissue, Sports massage.

Your session begins with classical massage and goes on with aromatherapy massage (organic oils called essential oils are added to massage oil).  Each oil has different benefits for the body. The oils are also emitted by the skin,  good quality oils must be used for real effect.

Each person’s muscle has different muscular tonus so all manipulations must be done with the right pressure as needed by your muscles.  Aromatherapy massage involves slower and less pressure than Swedish style.

After heating your muscles the masseur increases pressure and  tries to reach deep muscles in Deep Tissue treatment. As long as it is done at the right time after kneading muscles enough. It releases all tensions  in the body.

Sports massage is mostly preferred by body workers before or after excercise. Manipulations are changed  to increase pressure, movement frequency, duration etc.  Aromatic oils will be extremely helpful for real therapy.

Always keep in mind all massages can be tailored for your muscles and body. You just let me know which massage suits you the best.

Turkish Bath Massage Package

This massage  has 3 phases which  are done in your home or hotel room’s bath.

You should book Turkish Bath Ritual Massage in advance, so I be prepared.

Phase 1. We begin our session by physical peeling during the bath. Physical peeling is done with traditional texture (Kese) for all over body. Kese takes off all over dead from your body and allows skin breathing and refreshing of your body.

Phase 2. I will pour water all over body while you just lie down in bath or standing in some positions. After kese I rub your body with soap. Foam massage will relax you totally and prepare your muscles for oil body massage. Feeling the foam on your body by professional gentle touch will make you feel higher. In contrast of a typically hard and rushed bath service, I will give you slow, true pressure and truly caring bath service.

Phase 3. At the end of Kese and Foam Massage we take 5 minutes rest to balance our blood circulation.

– Now your muscles and body are totally ready for Full Body Relaxing Classical Massage on bed. I use aromatic oils (mostly lavender, almond , and aloe vera mixed ) to revitalize all your senses and mind.

All genders, ages and orientations welcome for Therapeutic Services.